Christmas for Brick Kiln workers and Children

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015 through the support of international friends and Church, CTS celebrated Christmas with families and children including Brick Kiln worker families and children from Yashwa Cadet School Verpal Chatta district Gujranwala.

Sunday School Children Participated in Choir to singing Christmas carols and also participated in the quiz program. CTS team cut the Christmas cake among the small children and whishes them Merry Christmas. Afterwards Santa Claus distributed candies and gifts among more than 60 children; it was very exciting for children as they saw Santa Claus first time in their life. Children were very happy and enjoyed a lot. They were grateful for the small gift they received.

CTS distributed food among the most deserving families for Christmas as we consider that brick kiln workers are poor and need help not only on the occasions but also in routine life.

Following are few pictures of the Christmas program CTS celebrated with poor.