Help and Settlement of the Persecuted

CTS conducts jail visits to find innocent prisoners falsely implicated in fake cases to share their life stories, to help them in their legal matters by providing them legal aid. Prisoners become mentally sick because of isolation as their families cannot visit them regularly. Prisoners are discriminated on religion bases by the jail staff and the people with whom they have to share prison barracks. CTS have program to visit the prisoners twice a month with the permission of the Home Secretary and the Inspector General of Police along with sociologists and psychologists for their counseling and to provide them basic commodities including medicine, cloths and hygiene kits.    

The young women prisoners have to face several hurdles by the jail authorities and their children who born in prisons are often not acceptable by their families. CTS conducts program with children in prisons for formal and informal education, game activities and also provide them game kits and storybooks, to relieve the monotony of prison life.