Safe Haven /Sanctuary House

CTS provided safe lodgings to the victims for extended periods in collaboration with other individual and like mind organizations. CTS responded to provide protection and rehabilitative support to the innocent victims of violence, forced conversion and sexual abuse by extending legal aid and protection. The efforts have resulted to protect minority citizens, and their families those whose lives on risk by the extremists.
CTS provide shelter to the young girls and women; those are abducted rape and forced to embrace Islam. It’s a matter of honor in the Pakistan society, that parents feel humiliation to keep a girl in the house again after her kidnapping and rape.
In the forced conversion cases families face life threats and due to the fear of consequences parents are afraid to keep a girl at home. In this situation CTS provides protection to the girls and women who face violence and persecution by extremists. Survivors are provided complete basic needs, health facilities and good food in the sanctuary house of CTS. In some cases when the girls are in trauma and meant stress CTS arranges psychologists for their mental therapy and relaxation. CTS also organize different indoor activities to keep the women busy and give them absolute hope to restart their fresh life.
CTS provide settlement and protection to the helpless families mostly victims’ of faith who facing life threats in fake blasphemy accusations and their families are forced to leave places. CTS helps families to restore their lives, children are helped to resume their studies.
Presently CTS providing education, psychosocial support, basic commodities, health and hygiene awareness, recreational facilities and a loving environment to 10 families including 16 children and 3 young girls at CTS sanctuary house in order to secure a better future for the persecuted.