Sumara Anwar aged 14, faced sexual harassment and raped

Anwar Masih s/o Sulakhan Masih aged 58, a poor Christian works for more than 15 years at Ghafor Bricks, village Maqu Wali Jhalar Raiwind Road, District Lahore and live here along with his children for more than 15 years; his wife has died a few years ago due to some health issues. There are more than 35 other families live in the factory quarters including Muslims. We can call it a small town/bricks factory colony. The families are cooperative and respect each other, caring about the social values and norms. Inspite of this binding, the incident of raping a minor occurred on 1st October 2019 at about 12 pm. When Sumara Anwar, a young girl aged 14, was alone at home while the other family members working in in the bricks factory.

A local resident, Amjad Malooka aged 30, entered the home silently as he knew that Sara was alone at home, he took Sumara to a room and forcibly attempted rape, he slapped her when she showed resistance and refused doing so, and she shouted and screamed. Amjad threatened her and warned to shut her mouth otherwise she and her family will face consequences. But Sumara continually shouting, a neighbor followed the screams and shouting, came up at the spot and saw the happening. The news spread in the locality and Amjad ran away from the place of occurrence.

The distressed and poor family of Sumara Anwar has approached CTS on  October 05, 2019 for legal assistance as well as for the protection of the family especially Sumara the minor, is in mental stress at the moment. Sumara reported CTS that Amjad often harassed her sexually, and wanted to touch her body. He attempted to rape her twice and threatened her for life if she tells to anyone. He often warned about the helplessness of her poor family that they cannot punish her.

She further stated “I was afraid to share all happening me to my family; I was in doubt that they will not trust me and deliberately accuse me as guilty”. The family reported that Amjad is a habitual, and involved in such incidents previously too. He is a criminal mind and often have quarrel in the town. Shaukat Masih brother of Sumara informed CTS that Amjad Malooka is arrested at the spot, they called an emergency police helpline 15 police responded to the incident immediately. Case FIR no.2069/19 has been registered, offense under section 376 & 511 of Pakistan Penal Code dated on October 1 at Police station Raiwind City District Lahore.

After arrest of Amjad the aggrieved family of Sumara faced serious threats. He asked the victim’s family for compromise and settle down the matter outside the court. The family facing life threats asked protection and support from CTS.

The women, adolescents, and youth are in need to be trained to defend them at the scene instead to seek help or be victimized.

Katherine Sapna Executive Director

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS