Habeas Corpus Petition was filed for the recovery of a minor namely Ahsan Qaiser aged 12

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS has won another case in the Higher Court through legal advisor Mr. Nadeem Hassan Advocate. Habeas Corpus Petition was filed in the Lahore High Court Lahore for the recovery of a minor namely Ahsan Qaiser aged 12 on the request of a depressed couple.

The poor parents claimed their child was in the illegal custody of the landlord for more than a month just to make them mental torture and bound the family to a forced labor in his fields. Qaisar Masih aged about 32, has a wife and 5 children, lived in a small village near Lahore Punjab and worked with a landlord since his youth. He shared with CTS that his father was an employee/a laborer and worked against a very low salary some Rs. 12000 (twelve thousand rupees) a month. Qaisar was about 12 or 13 years when he has to replace his father after his death. It’s a long time he is working for very low salary and feels hard to meet up with the family needs.

He continued telling that he cannot take a leave at the time when he is sick or at the time of any urgency in the family. He was not alone to work in the fields but also his son and wife was bound and made to work most often without paying any money. Qaisar requested his owner repeatedly to increase his salary as it was difficult for him to manage lively hood and other basic needs of his family but the landlord said him to keep quiet otherwise he will pay him nothing.

In July 2019, Qaisar was sick and he could not come to work and stayed in the bed at home. Meanwhile the landlord came up to his house and started beating him and asked him to come to work in any case. Qaisar was sick with the high fever and came to work in the fields to feeding the cattle’s. The same evening he escaped and came to his relatives in Lahore and asked for help to rescue his wife and children from the custody of the landlord. He was afraid and feared about the life safety of his children as he well known of the aggressive behavior of the landlord if he is not at the place.

The relatives went over there to the village and tried to bring the children to their father but the landlord intervened and did not allowed Qaisar’s daughter aged 10 and Son aged 12 to go. The children cried and his wife asked for mercy and after a while he was willing to release his daughter but not the son. Land lord used to make Ahsan for work in the field, to feed the cows and cleaning the cattle and their place. Qaisar tried so many times and with the help of his relatives approached the local police for the safe recovery of his child but police showed a hard and aggressive attitude in this matter. On 1st of August, 2019 Ms. Katherine Sapna CTS Director heard about the suffering of this aggrieved family and along with her team including Salamat Gill Coordinator, Tayyab Sadique Field Officer and Sunil Karamat Admin CTS visited the family in Lahore at their relative’s place and saw this family living in a poor situation. We could see a clear fear in their eyes for their child’s life.

CTS also noted that Qaisar was afraid to go to the police for help and also to come to the court because of the influence of the landlord. He thought that landlord is superior and no one can overcome on him. This illiterate poor man couldn’t understand that there is a system to control these kinds of people and to do justice. He felt his family on a stake and very much worried about his child. CTS promised this family for every help in the recovery of their minor child. CTS approached Inspector General of Punjab Police and registered a complaint against the local police about their attitude towards the victim family and delay in recovering the little boy.

August 10, 2019 CTS lawyer Mr. Nadeem Hassan Advocate High Court filed a Habeas corpus in the High Court Lahore for the immediate recovery of the child.  Court ordered the police to recover the child same day and present to the court. Police recover the child same day and hand over to the family in the front of honorable court.

So it’s done. Hallelujah

Praise the Lord our God Jesus Christ

Katherine Sapna Director CTS