Prayer Request for Vickram Chand and his family

On 9thJuly 2019 it was a court hearing of pre-arrest bails of Vickram Chand and his mother Rozi Bibi (a widow) in the Session’s Court Faisalabad filed through a legal counsel of Christians’ True Spirit – CTS.

At about 8 a.m Legal team of CTS including Mr. Nadeem Hassan Advocate, Mr. Akram court clerk and Mr. Tayyab Sadique Field Officer CTS along Vickram Chand and his mother reached at the court and observed that the situation in the court was tense.

Vickram informed CTS team that there were 10 to 15 people of opponent party in the court and he was feeling a big threat to life. Later CTS team was informed through reliable resources who confirmed that it is an alarming situation in the court as the opponents are aggressive and do not want to spare Vickram and his mother. The resources told to the team that there are about 15 more people outside the court too. On this information Vickram and his mother become worried and fearful and her mother felt sick due to high blood pressure. CTS team also was very much concerned about the life safety of the victims and took them both inside the court room.

The court did not call the case until the opponent lawyer submitted his power of attorney and the same time next date for the hearing was announced. CTS team preferred to keep staying inside the court till the end and that the opponent party will leave. But they observed suspicious attitude of them as they were waiting for Vickram and his mother outside the court. The situation was very tough and sensitive and then CTS team asked help from the police on duty inside the court room for the safe escape of Vickram and his mother.

Policeman helped them to go out from the court through a safe gate which is used for the safe entrance and departure of Judges. In this way CTS team ensured the safety of Vickram and his mother, rescued and brings them back to Lahore office by 2pm.

The next court hearing for the confirmation of the bails of Vickram and Rozi is July 13, 2019. Katherine Sapna CTS has shared all situations with the Minister of Human Rights already and asked help in providing local police security for the life safety of Vickram and Rozi. CTS is also in contact with the local police and SP Faisalabad concerning the protection of victims during the court hearing on Saturday July 13.

Katherine Sapna strongly recommends and requests your prayers for the life safety and confirmation of bails of Vickram and his mother Rozi in the fake abduction case. In the case, when bails rejected they will be arrested and send to the prison.Vickram and his family facing life threats because of their Christian faith. Mulsim girls are not allowed to get married to Christian men and on the same time the family of Hibba is aggressive reason is that how a Christian man could take their daughter away and get married.
We are worried about the situation but the same time trust in the Lord and believe that prayers work and God change the situations for His people who believe in Him.
Katherine Sapna

Director CTS