Christians under threat in Lahore

Kucha Ghulam Mohammad Badar Din Road is a small area of Mazong in city Lahore, Punjab. Where it is reported that the mentioned location is under threat by some Muslim extremists, fellows of the town and the Church of the area targeted in the evening on May 18, 2017 and Christian youth was beaten severely and further they threatened to attack Christian houses. The CTS team learnt about the incident by the local Pastor Nadeem Gill.

Mohammad Saleem neither residence of the area by birth nor any ancestors of him do belong to this town but his in-laws are living there for years of years. Mohammad Saleem used to spend most of the time of his day in Kucha Ghulam area where as his wife and family lives in another town called Shama, Lahore (Main Ferozepur Road) about 2 Km far away from incidental place. It is worth mentioned here that the said area is populated with Christian families whereas only one Muslim family (Mohammad Saleem’s in –laws) lives among Christian. CTS team rushed to the area immediately to collect the facts of the happening. By evening of May 19th, 2017 CTS had sitting along with area’s Pastor Nadeem Gill, elders, and youth as well. During investigation, CTS was informed that there is a Muslim man namely Mohammad Saleem aged 35, purely religious and fanatic, he always create problems in the town among Muslim and Christians. One of victims Raza Pervaiz (Nephew of local Pastor Nadeem Gill) who was beaten severely informed CTS team that Raza added that Mohammad Saleem is addicted and he often argued with him after he is drunk and threatened him for life but Raza didn’t bother his threats and keep himself busy in his daily life. On May 13, there was a wedding ceremony of a Christian girl going on when Mohammad Saleem brought two of his friends namely Bohara and Gaggu dacoit, they were drunk and shouted in the streets by using slang and abusive language for Christians as well as for Jesus Christ and they hit the Church (Jalali Church) gate in street and provoked the Christian youth to react towards them. Christian boys got annoyed and asked Mohammad Saleem and his friends to leave the place immediately but hardly they managed with these extremists.

The locals reported that on 18th May, 2017 Thursday evening, Mohammad Saleem came  again in the Christians area along with his both friends armed with deadly weapons. They began passing abusive words for Christians, meanwhile they attacked Raza again and beat him severely and threatened for life. The Christian youth Adil s/o Shahid (aged 19), Sahil s/o Namma (aged 18) and Nattun s/o Arshad (aged 18), tried to defend Raza from Mohammad Saleem and his friend but they also beaten by Mohammad Saleem and his friends and they took all of them out of the colony at gun point just to harass the locals and keep them under pressure.

While talking to the CTS team the victim boys Adil Masih, Sahil Masih and Nattun Masih said that they were beaten severely by Mohammad Saleem and his Muslim companions at the market place where people kept standing and looking over them beating but didn’t come to help them. After a while the accused/attackers left the place with the threat of life to the Christian boys and warned them using the words that it was a just minor trailer but soon the Christians will face serious consequences.

CTS team visited local families and found them scared and harassed due to the happening. After the incident Christians reported the matter in the local police station but the police did not registered case FIR of the case and did not arrested the accused. Later the police in civil and DSP investigation also visited the area and meet with elders of the town to investigate the  matter.  On the visit to the DSP investigation, he reported to the CTS team that the accused are arrested and case would be solved soon. The mean time CTS urged DSP and demanded for the security of the locals especially women, children and youth which should be provided on urgent bases. DSP ensured the CTS team for safety and protection of the Christians live at Kucha Ghulam Mohammad Badar Din Road Mozang Lahore.

CTS team assured the locals especially youth for legal aid in any   circumstances. CTS will keep following up with the Local police as well as the DSP for the justice and security of Christian families at Kucha Ghulam Mohammad Mozang Lahore.

Fact –finding team:

Asifa Sadaf Program Manager, Salamat Gill, District Coordinator Lahore, Kasur, Sunil Karamat Field Officer and Mehwish Shaukat In-charge Sunday Schools.

Photo of the Local Church
Church    windows    damaged     by     the extreamsist
Sight photo of the locality