A Christian Young girl trying to survive in Hospital

Christian Girl Abducted and  Tortured

shaziaOn January 07, Ms. Katherine Sapna Director Christians’ True Spirit – CTS along with her team visited Shazia in Lahore. Shazia was kidnapped raped tortured and forced to drink acid. She is in a critical situation and presently admitted in the hospital. Shazia a young Christian girl, daughter of Nazir Masih and Sharifan Bibi, about 22 year-old lived along with her parents in a small village in district Kasur. On January 03, 2017 Saddique Masih approached CTS for help and assistance for legal case of Shazia and also requested for the medical support. Shazia got married in the age of 14 with one of her paternal cousin namely Saddique Masih about 8 years ago. Out of this wedlock Shazia has two girls named Neha 06 year-old, and Senha 05 year-old. Shazia’s husband is labor and work on daily wages to support her family, it was difficult for him to fulfill family needs therefore Shazia herself started labor in a Biscuits factory in Kasur. Shazia had good behavior among her colleagues and that is why one of them namely Rakha (a Muslim boy) got involved in her. He purposed Shazia for marriage, but she informed him about her marriage and two daughters. Rakha didn’t give up but he told her that he loves her and wants her as his wife. Therefore Shazia started to avoid him but the mean time Rakha kept sharing his feelings and love to Shazia which influenced her too.

For a month they had affair and one fine day Rakha spoke about his future plans to Shazia. He said that they both should move to another big city Karachi where they would get a new flat and lead to a happy luxurious married life. Shazia was not willing to go with Rakha because of difference of faiths, her marital life and daughters.

June 2015, Shazia went to her job in routine but on the way she was forcibly kidnapped by Rakha and his two other friends (unknown). They took Shazia to Karachi and kept her at unknown place. Rakha, and his friends raped her on daily bases one after another and asked Shazia to work as prostitution to make money for their daily expenses. Shazia was not willing to be a prostitute and begged Rakha to send her back to her home for her daughters. Rakha told her that he wasn’t in love with her but just wanted her for the business of prostitution. Shazia requested and requested but her all argues become failed. Shazia was forced to go to men otherwise severely tortured.

After a year, Shazia got a chance to escape, and run away from the custody. Karachi is about 1300 km from Lahore therefore she needed money for her travel to Punjab. For many days and nights she was on the roads and feed herself by collecting plastic bottles and selling them.

Shazia statement:


Acid affected Shazia’s Throat and stomach therefore she was unable to speak and record her statement in the first meeting of CTS but we are thankful to God that she has recovered after medical treatment and now she can speak. She shared her story to Katherine Sapna in detail and said that she needed to collect enough money for her travel back to home in Kasur, but when she gathered some money again she was abducted by the same men. They snatched all money and forced her again for prostitution. When Shazia resisted and refused they dropped acid in her throat and on some parts of body too. Acid has totally damaged and burn her stomach and throat; she was unconscious and the kidnappers threw her in the street. A man passing through found Shazia in critical condition and took her to the hospital immediately. In this critical situation the hospital refused to admit her as there was not enough space for such patients and referred her to another hospital. After two or three hospitals she was referred to the hospitals in Lahore for her better treatment. It’s about more than a month she is being treated in hospital in Lahore, doctors has changed her stomach and removed damaged veins. In the hospital Shazia found one of her familiar persons and sent a message to her family.

Shazia’s family approached her and also informed CTS about the matter and asked for legal aid and medical assistance. The family asked for her protection and proper shelter at CTS.


CTS team has visited Shazia twice in the hospital, Ms. Katherine Sapna, Director Christians’ True Spirit – CTS visited Shazia personally in the hospital along with team and ensured her for every kind of support.

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS is a non-government, nonprofit Christian Organization in Pakistan that especially works for empowerment of young girls and women from the minority communities, and provides legal aid in the cases of sexual violence, harassment at work places and shelters those who are forcedly converted.

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