A Christian minor of 13 forcefully converted in to Islam‏

A Christian minor named Sana Shahid aged 13, student of 5th grade lived along with her parents at Sikandar Pura, New Miana Pura Sialkot, kidnapped on November 11, 2015 by Ali Hassan alias Rembo and Ali Raza Muslim young boys when she was on the way to school along with her sister Hina Shahid.
The same day after kidnapping Sana was taken to unknown place where she was forced to embrace Islam and forced to get married to one of the kidnappers Waheed Akhtar s/o Mohammad Bashir. Sana’s age on the marriage certificate was mentioned as she was 18 years old.
Sana’s grieved family approached CTS for help in this regard as the poor family cannot manage the expenses of the lawyer as well as the court.
Facts of the case:
Sana Shahid and Hina Shahid (twins), both went to school at 8 in the morning. On the way to school Ali Hassan alias Rembo and Ali Raza two young Muslims asked Hina to go to school and took Sana along with them forcibly as they said that she will go to home latter. When Hina returned from school her mother Noshi Beagum inquired about Sana. She informed her mother about the incident when they went to school in the morning.
Distressed parents went to the Muslims to inquire about their daughter but all in vain as they were informed that their daughter has embraced Islam and also get married to Waheed Akhtar under Islamic law so they have no right to take the girl back to their home.  The poor parents have been crying and requested the Muslims to return their daughter as she is 13 years old and cannot get married.
sana-FIROn November 23, 2015 through some sources Shahid Masih approached CTS for help in this case. He informed Ms. Katherine Sapna Director CTS that since Sana was kidnapped, he appealed all Christian leaders for help as he wanted his minor back but no one came to help because of fear and pressure of Muslim groups. He informed that a Kidnapping case FIR no. 933/15 was registered under section 356-B in the local police station Haji Pura Sialkot on the same day on November 11, 2015 against Ali Hassan alias Rembo, Ali Raza Muslim, Razia Bibi (mother of Rembo) and Mohammad Bashir alias Nanha Qasai but the concerned police did not take any legal action against the culprits. CTS assured the victim’s family that CTS is always there to help them in all kind of situations.
Dear friends and prayers partners, CTS has taken responsibility to help the distressed family and to deal with the legal case. CTS going to file a writ petition in the High Court Lahore against the nominated accused in the case FIR (first information of Police) and to challenge the marriage certificate as Sana Shahid is an underage girl of 13, her marriage is unacceptable according to the law and according to the religion. She is too small to decide her marriage and to embrace Islam. Ms. Katherine Sapna would be the petitioner in this case as a guardian to ask the court to hand over the custody of minor.
We need your prayers in this case when CTS help the poor parents to get back their girl from the Muslim extremists and also for the lawyers who pursue the case in the court, that The Lord our God give them wisdom and confidence to fight for the truth without fear and pressure of Muslims extremists.
CTS has offered the safe accommodation to the family especially Hina Shahid who is afraid of the situation and she has stopped going school because of fear that she can be kidnapped. CTS will also help the family to come out of the trauma.
In solidarity,
CTS Team