Sunita Farooq

Sunita d/o Safdar Masih aged 35 resident of Township Lahore is married and blessed with three children namely Muskan Farooq aged 12, Daud Farooq aged 10 and Arooj Farooq aged 8.

Since the time Sunita got married to Farooq s/o Feroze Masih in 2006, she suffered through trivial matters and petty issues. She faced discrimination at her in-law’s being a mother of girl child, for them the first baby should be a boy. Beside this all, Farooq was an addicted and used to beat Sunita when he was over drunk, and he made it routine.

Farooq is a mason and well-equipped of tile-panther, but not solemn to do his work. They often have dispute over the house hold expenditures and because of the children needs. Several times Sunita left to her parent’s place and returned after reconciliation. The needs of children increased as they grew big, she asked help from her poor parents as her father Safdar Masih is a laborer and his mother Nasreen Safdar is Ayia (care taker) in a private hospital.

Later Sunita decided to work herself and manage the daily expenses of her children. She started domestic work and now there was another dispute, Sunita’s husband called her character less.

Through some sources Sunita came to know about CTS and approached for legal help assistance and shelter. She has suffered for 12 years and now wanted to file dissolution of marriage, CTS provided her council to help assist her in this case.