Two days Seminar on Health and Hygiene for women

Two days Seminar on Health and Hygiene for women On Saturday and Sunday October 25-26, 2014 53-Tample Road Lahore

Organized by Christians’ True Spirit (CTS)

Christians’ True Spirit (CTS) is a non Government, non-profitable a Christian organization in Pakistan working devotedly for the better future of disadvantaged groups of society and to promote basic education among the children especially young women and girls from unprivileged vulnerable groups. CTS develop education and awareness among vulnerable groups to empower young, ambitious people to lead their conflict affected societies into prosperity.

CTS organized a two-day seminar on “Health and Hygiene” from 25th to 26th October 2014, at 53- Temple Road Lahore. A group of 17 women including organizers participated in the seminar. The aim of CTS was to educate women about their health issues and make them aware that how they can address these issues which they face regarding their own health and cleanness in daily life. The women happily participated in activities during two days.


As the Seminar was intended to be an interactive on, the sessions from the resource person were followed by open discussion and participants fully participated in the discussions.

The resource persons:

Ms. Ruby William, Sociologist

Ms. Katherine Sapna Human Rights Defender.


The following topics were discussed and the well known resource persons delivered lectures and presentations accordingly:

1- Basic Concept of Human Rights

2- Health –HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

3- Hygiene

Resource persons briefly introduced the idea of health of women and children and shared its importance in one’s life. The participants were keen to learn about the health issues among women and children in routine. They actively participated in the activities and conversations.

Open discussions:

What is health?

Why the Hygiene important for women?

How they can avoid sickness?

How they can overcome diseases?

List of Participants

1-  Shazia Sadaqat

2-  Shabnam Muskaan

3-  Sadia Rasheed

4-  Shamim Younis

5-  Marriam Kamal

6-  Humera Samsoon

7-  Rahmeen Asad

8-  Zareena Anwar

9-  Ruby William

10- Parveen Shamaun

11- Usha Shahid

12- Nomee Karamat

13- Marriam Ijaz

14- Nargis Parvaiz

15- Saima Moon

16- Katherine Sapna

17- Shabnam Jahangir

The participants’ shared that it was their first time to attend this kind of seminar. They were very happy to learn about women issues and requested CTS to organize more learning and awareness programs for them. At the end of the seminar the facilitators focused on conflict- affected situations that address this issue and encourage the women to foster peace and harmony.

The Seminar was followed by food:


Reported By:

CTS Lahore- Pakistan

Dated: October 31, 2014

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