Christians residents forced to leave village or convert in to Islam

Christians residents forced to leave village or convert in to Islam

chak44On May 16, 2016 Amir Yaqoob s/o Yaqoob Masih aged 38, a local resident Chak 44, and Mr. Saleem Iqbal (journalist from Lahore) approached Christians’ True Spirit (CTS) and extended gratitude for on time support and an excellent action of CTS to call local police and to get involve other sources including Federal Minister Kamran Michael to provide security to the Christians at the village Chak 44 (village), District Mandi Bahauddin Punjab, Pakistan.

There was an alarming situation at the spot when the local fanatic Muslims (extremists) were planting an idea to kill Christians inside the houses by giving them fire after they falsely accusing a young Christian Imran Masih s/o Sharif Masih aged about 24 for committing Blasphemy.

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS is grateful to all friends, colleagues and Prayer partners for being with us through prayers. We appreciate your individual and useful acts in the kind of releasing statements for the security of Christians at the spot. Although we jointly could contribute to help, control the situation for the time being but the matter is not resolve completely yet; there is still sword on the neck; Christians are still in horrific situation.

On Thursday May 12, 2016 (last week) District Police Officer arrived in the village and he made a peace committee consisting of 6 people (three Christians and three Muslims)  including Yaqoob Masih s/o Amam Din (Former District member), Issac Masih s/o Sana Ullah, Iqbal Masih s/o Jalal Masih, Naseer Ahmad Saleem Bhatti vice Chairman, Allah Dittah Qadri and Mohammad Riaz Dadhrah. DPO asked Muslims for the reconciliation with Christians and also declared Imran Masih as an innocent as he did not commit any blasphemy.

The Christians members of the committee are not influence persons and the Muslim members are not reliable. As Allah Dittah Qadri (one of the Muslim committee members) was supportive person to Mohammad Bilal in planting the idea of blasphemy against Imran Masih s/o Sharif Masih.

Until now the role of the local police is good but Christians are feeling insecure even the police has played best, because of the previous incidents of Korian and Gojra in 2009 (a few kilometer far from Chak44) when the Christians were killed, houses were looted and burn by the Muslim extremists, and the police ignored Christian’s safety and appreciated Muslims to kill Christians and give the fire to their houses while the police present at the spot.

Apparently the situation in the village is calm but there is a quite war against Christians as they pressuring Christians to vacant their houses. Christian’s still facing social boycott and they are deprived of to get an employment with Muslim landlords. They are failed to earn money to feed their children and the shopkeepers do not provide them supplies of eatable things so the children live with empty stomach.

The penniless Christians went to the influenced Muslims repeatedly to ask for mercy and apologized to do nothing. The Muslims are agreeing for the compromise on two conditions, if Christians want to live in the village:

  • Firstly, they would have to hand over Imran Masih (victim of blasphemy) to them as they wanted to burn him alive in the village as he is a blasphemer.
  • Secondly; the all Christians should embrace Islam.

There is not any financial help to the local Christians, by the human rights organizations, churches or not even by the State. The poor Christians are helpless. The sources reported that two Christian families including Zulfqar Masih s/o Younis Masih and Iftikhar Masih s/o Hasham Masih has embraced Islam along with their wives and 4 children, because of the life threat and pressure by Mohammad Imran s/o Abdual Rehman (a local).

1chak44Amir Yaqoob informed CTS that Imran Masih is on life threats continuously; he already fled for safety along with his family and live hides’ one place to another. He further stated that the said village is the village of Muslim community with more than 2000 people where as the Christians are in few numbers of 45 families. Muslims of the village are strong and more powerful as compare to Christians, they are influence and police cannot control them when they attack Christians, he added.

“Amir Yaqoob recorded an open appeal to the national and international  Christian brothers and sisters to help the poor community at Chak 44 as they are hand to mouth”.

Amir Yaqoob further shared with CTS that he is receiving threat calls by Muslims and feeling his life unsecure. For last week he was traveling to Lahore and meeting individuals and organizations for the help, but still there is no hope. He stated that he is in contact with the Christian Brother Arif Masih s/o Ata Masih in the village who suggested him do not come back as he is wanted by the Muslims.

Amir Yaqoob was on the ground that made a phone call to the local Police Help Line number 15 (an emergency call number of police). So the police was at the occurrence to control the tense situation which was growing because of the baseless blasphemy allegation. Since, the intolerable situation at Chak 44, like several other Christians in the village. Amir Yaqoob is failed to earn money so he cannot afford his living costs and accommodation neither in Lahore nor anywhere else. Presently his situation is not good because of fear and he cannot work, so he requested CTS for safe accommodation.

CTS has noticed high risk to the life of innocent Christians at Chak 44 and urge the government to take serious notice of the plight of Christians immediately as the Christians live in the cage of loins.  and provide them secure places to live.

Reported on May 17, 2016 by Christians’ True Spirit (CTS)