International Children’s Day in District Gujranwala

International Children’s Day is observed on June 12, every year. The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, after the conference, different governments around the world decided to declare a day as Children’s Day to draw attention to children’s issues.

Christians’ True Spirit celebrated Children’s day dated on 10 June, 2016, at Verpal Chattah District Gujranwala while internationally recognized almost a century ago is something we continue to struggle with on a universal level. CTS proclaim dedication to Education for all and the Universal Rights of the child. The program was facilitated by Mr. Sarfraz Karamat Coordinator CTS Gujranwala Region. The CTS team who participated Ms. Katherine Sapna Director, Ms. Shamshad Shafqat Board Member, Mr. Salamat Gill Coordinator Lahore Region and Mr. Nadeem Anthony Legal Advisor CTS. The mostly participation was counted of school teachers and parents.

The responsibility for providing children with the ability to capitalize on the possibilities of the future lie in the hands of those of us capable of making significant changes in the opportunities for growth and exposure to new and innovative ways of thinking and according to the constitution of Pakistan. The opportunity to educate a child begins at birth. From the time children enter this world, they listen, they watch, they explore the world around them.

The responsibility to provide a strong foundation and opportunities for success lies in the hands of educators today. Children need advocates to give them a voice, to tell the world that they are ready, willing, and able to be the leaders of tomorrow, which is why we need to foster a lifelong love of learning for them today. That does not begin in their early teenage years. Rather, that begins with their caretakers, family, communities, from the day they are born and is supported through educational programs when they are young and in preschool, providing a transition and strong foundation from learning at home, to learning in school, and a life full of new knowledge and growth for the rest of their lives.