Younis Bhatti acquitted from Blasphemy

Younis Bhatti alias Bhagat Masih was allegedly accused of disgracing the Quran under Section 295-B of Pakistan Penal Code and a case FIR 376/24, was registered in the Khurrianwala Police station on February 10, 2024.

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS was reported about this incident regarding the fake allegations against Younis Bhatti resident of village 211-RB, Jaranwala Tehsil, Faisalabad District, Punjab Province. Fact-finding team of CTS headed by Ms. Katherine Sapna, Executive Director CTS reached to the incident place to inquire about the incident.

It was a small community of 16 – 20 Christian families living among above 500 Muslim families in the village 211-RB, Jaranwala Tehsil, Faisalabad. After the incident all Christian families fled away for safety as they were seriously threatened for their well-being.

The locals Muslims informed CTS that Younis Bhatti helped Sosan Bibi and her Husband (having leg fracture) to provide 5 Marla land where he build one room house and handed over to this poor family for shelter about four years ago. In January Younis Bhatti requested the couple to keep the half piece of land and the other half he wanted to give to another deserving family. Sosan become angry and had a dispute but Younis Bhatti left without creating a mess.

Meanwhile Sosan fabricated the story of blasphemy against Younis Bhatti. She called Muslim neighbors and showed them the incident of blasphemy. She said to the police that she was Christians but now embraced Islam along with the husband and a minor daughter and her Islamic name is Sosan Fatima and her husband name is Amanat Ali for which Younis Bhatti has grudge for her conversion, entered the house when she was reading the Quran, assaulting her and tearing the Islamic scripture.

CTS team approached Superintendent of Police in Jaranwala and urged for the fair investigation of the case as it seems that Younis Bhatti is innocent and has been falsely accused. During the investigation Police did not found any evidence against Younis Bhatti and discovered him an innocent. On Tuesday Feb 13, 2024 police released Younis Bhatti from the charge of blasphemy declaring him innocent. The police summoned Fatima and her husband to the station the following night and interrogated them in Bhatti’s presence. Additionally, the police made attempts to document the statements of other Christians and Muslim neighbors in the area.

Fatima eventually admitted that she had made a false accusation against Bhatti. She said that her husband and two other Christians had conspired ten days before to prevent Younis Bhatti from dividing the property.

Bhatti was informed by the police that although they would eliminate his name from the First Information Report (FIR), they were unable to release him right away due to the danger posed to his life. Following the emergence of the blasphemy accusations, over
500 Muslims were incited through announcements made on mosque loudspeakers, leading to protests and causing numerous Christians in the vicinity to abandon their residences.

Bhatti expressed his gratitude towards God for saving him from the perilous accusation. He mentioned that those who tried to frame him in the false case ended up facing the same charges. He emphasized that putting complete trust in God leads to such divine interventions.

Younis Bhatti conveyed his appreciation for the assistance provided by Christians’ True Spirit – CTS, he expressed that I felt completely powerless when I was apprehended by the authorities while I was praying for God’s mercy and assistance. “I was overcome with emotion when unknown persons, whom I had never met before, came to my rescue. It was as if God had sent CTS for my aid.”

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS, expressed gratitude to God at Bhatti’s release within just two days. As the Younis Bhatti was alleged for blasphemy but due to the efforts of the team and the evidence provided to police Younis Bhatti was declared innocent. CTS commended the police for conducting a fair investigation and ensuring justice for the innocent Christian. Although Bhatti has been reunited with his family, CTS believes it would be unsafe for them to return home at this time. CTS is maintaining regular communication with the superintendent of police responsible for the case and keeping updated on the matter.

CTS was updated on the matter following the confession of the couple who has conspired against Younis Bhatti, police have withdrawn the case charges against the man of God, and CTS has be given custody of Younis Bhatti for the time being until the matter is fully resolved.
Consequently, the blasphemy laws are frequently misused as a tool for seeking revenge against both Muslims and non-Muslims to settle personal vendettas or resolve disputes related to finances, property, or business.

In Pakistan, a mere accusation is sufficient to incite a mob to engage in rioting and lynching of those accused of blasphemy.
Sosan Fatima and her husband Amanat Ali are accused of committing blapshemy, both has been transferred to judicial lockup.