Education of the disadvantaged children

Child labor remains a significant issue, with many children engaged in work at bricks factories in Punjab instead of attending school. Addressing these issues requires a concerted effort from the government, civil society, and international organizations to improve the accessibility, quality, and inclusivity of education in Pakistan, ensuring that all children have the opportunity to receive a meaningful education.

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS has vision to promote quality education through public- private-partnership, encourage and support the efforts of private sector through technical and financial assistance, innovate and develop new instruments to champion wider educational opportunities to the underprivileged children at affordable cost. It aims at providing help to promote an educated society in partnership with the private sector so that every child has equal access to the basic right of education in Punjab.The education of children has become a challenge in Pakistan and especially for Christian community; therefore it was need to start work on the vision properly and the education of children.

To work with brick kiln workers and convince them is not an easy task therefore CTS team conducts awareness programs among the workers and give them sessions on the importance of education and their position among the societies. CTS is determined and committed on its focus and to face challenges indeed.

CTS is working in Punjab Pakistan to end violence, discrimination and hate speech through education, increased skills, and employment opportunities for Christians. Education is a strong tool to eliminate hatred, ignorance, discrimination, religious differences and violation to develop peace, unity, wisdom, acceptance and respect to other religions.

In the year 2020, CTS adopted 22 Christian girls from the bricks factories in Punjab and provided them opportunity to get education in the boarding school of St. Joseph Girls High education runs by Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Merry Lahore bearing all educational as well as boarding expenses including the personal needs of girls.