Two women experienced sexual harassment in the fields

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS was notified about an incident occurred in Sahiwal on January 29, 2024 two young women attacked in the sugarcane fields, targeted for sexual harassment and physical violence.

The incident took place in the village chack no. 122, south Sargodha, Punjab. It was a dark evening of winter season on January 29, 2024 when Rukhsana Bibi and Asifa Bibi went to the open fields for a toilet facility and followed by a local Muslim man named Abdul Rauf armed with an axe. Soon after the women entered in to the sugarcane fields for toilet the man attempted upon Ruksana Bibi, and threatened her for life. Rukhsana got afraid because he could harm her with an ax in his hand. She begged him for life and requested to leave her but the man tried to commit rape forcefully. However, she bravely resisted his advances and tried to escape, she cried for help, alerting Asifa Bibi who was at some distance in the field, rushed to her aid. Meanwhile Abdul Rauf hit her with axe and injured her on head and face. He proceeded to assault her with the back wooden road of an axe. Ruksana Bibi endured the attempts to rape and sexually violate her even when she got brutally injured.


Asifa Bibi intervened bravely to shield Ruksana from the violence by Abdul Rauf, whereas she become a target as well and got severe injuries. The women were subjected to death threats by Abdul Rauf to ensure their silence about attack and escaped. In the meantime, summoning their courage, the women hurried to the main road and asked helped from the people passing through to make a phone call to their family.

Bilal Maish husband of Asifa Bibi arrived, saw the condition of women, and made a call at police helpline. The police arrived and escorted women to the Civil Hospital Sahiwal, where they underwent an initial medico-legal examination and received necessary medical treatment.

Legal Action and Assistance:

The women treated well in the hospital but no case was filed against the perpetrator, the women become disappointed on the attitude of the police.

However, on January 30, 2024, Nasir Masih the husband of Rukhsana Bibi, reported the incident in the police station Sillanwali district Sargodha, under FIR no. 105/24, offenses u/s 354, 337-A, 337-F PPC. Unfortunately, the mentioned sections did not include charges of attempted rape or sexual assault in the registered FIR. The incident prompted the local pastors to take action, gathering statements from both women victims.

These statements got viral and reached the social platforms of Christians’ True Spirit (CTS), catching the attention of Ms. Katherine Sapna Executive Director and Mr. Asher Sarfraz Chief Executive.

The Executives along with the team visited the affected women in Sargodha city and helped them to approach Mr. Farhan Aslam SP Investigations Sargodha to add the charges of rape 376, 511 PPC in the case FIR.

Ms. Sapna encouraged Rukhsana Bibi and Asifa Bibi, urging them to remain confident in their pursuit of justice. CTS strongly condemns this heinous crime and stands in solidarity with the victims, offering support until justice is served.

CTS prevention regarding the incident:

CTS team also visited the place of victim women village chack no.122 south Sargodha populated with a small Christian community and noticed that there are a few other Christian families who do not have toilet at home and go to the open fields for toilet facility.

Ms. Katherine Sapna and Mr. Asher Sarfraz, promised aid to construct toilet facilities to each family to prevent such incidents happening in future. Additionally, the women provided with financial assistance for the medical treatment.

Prayer Request by CTS:

CTS request prayers for Rukhsana Bibi and Asifa Bibi, who have recently endured injuries as a result of the severe violence and sexual harassment they encountered.

We ask prayers for their recuperation and the smooth progression of their legal matters.


In Solidarity,

Christians’ True Spirit – CTS