Blasphemy accusations against a Christian man in Punjab Pakistan

On August 05, 2020 Sohail Masih s/o Nazar Masih, resident of a small village Abidabad, Tehsil Nowshera Virkan District Gujranwala has been accused of blasphemy, case FIR no. 894/2020 has been registered offence under section 295 – C / 295 – A, in the local police station and the accused has been sent to District Jail Gujranwala on Judicial remand. Sohail Masih has been accused of publishing blasphemous and insulting material about Islamic faith on the Facebook, by Abdul Sittar Qadri a local.

As soon Qadri reported the matter in the station, the Police lodged a case FIR; when the locals got the word, they come together at the front of the police station and the mob demanded Sohail Masih for the execution, therefore, the police immediately send the man to prison for his life safety. The local reported the Christians’ True Spirit – CTS that the angry mob also turned towards the village Abidabad, where the accused family and other Christian families residing, just to harm and punish them for blasphemy. The area police immediately reached at the spot to provide safety and protection to the local Christian families.

Katherine Sapna, Director CTS made a telephone call to the Station House Officer (SHO) police station Nowshera Virkan to ensure the security and safety of the innocent Christian families on the ground. He informed that the accused has been sent to the jail for his safety whereas his family was also taken in to police custody to rescue them from the angry mob. He assured that circumstances are totally in control at the moment. CTS also made a phone call to the minority representative Ms Sunila Ruth Member National Assembly and reported the incident.

Blasphemy is a sensitive topic in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where 97 per cent of the population is Muslim. Controversial blasphemy law which was amended from section 295 to 295 A-B-C and promoted by the Islamic military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq has made a life for Christians more difficult in Pakistan.

The situation of religious minorities is worse in Pakistan; Christians are booked under blasphemy allegations for an unlimited period and killed because of religious differences. In these cases, the killers remain unpunished and get praise for killing the innocent. Government of Pakistan is failed to control such issues because of the pressure of Muslim extremists and militants.

The Christians’ True Spirit – CTS request prayers for the residents at Abidabad, where the recent incident happened. Until now the role of the local police is good but Christians are feeling insecure even the police have played best, because of the previous incidents of Korian, Gojra and Joseph Colony when the Christians were killed, houses were looted and burned by the Muslim extremists, and the police ignored Christian’s safety and appreciated Muslims to kill the Christians and give the fire to their houses in the presence of police. Apparently the situation in the village is calm but the Christians are scared for their life safety. Christians’ True Spirit – CTS is monitoring the case and will be keeping you updated.