Alishbha Javed aged 13, faced severe violence during rape

Alishbha Javed aged 13 raped by Emmanuel alias Mithu a man of 54 years on September 09, 2017 at Calarakabad a Christian village of District Kasur about 85 kilometer from Lahore. A case FIR has been lodged with the delay of two days in the police station Kot Radha Kishin on September 11, 2017 offence under section 376 PPC. Medical report of Alishbha has proved severe violence and rape with her. Because of torture, severe violence and repeated rape she was in the hospital where doctors declared severe inside injuries.

Emmanuel who was converted to Islam some years ago to get 2nd wife is influenced over the local Christians as he has links with criminals as well as the local police. After the case FIR registered, police delayed arresting Emmanuel and provided him chance to get pre-arrest bail from the Session’s court Kasur. The local politician is Christian, he standing with accused and pressurizing victim’s family for compromise and force them to withdraw the case.

Because of the circumstances Alishbha and her distressed family become hopeless as they are unable to manage expenses of the courts and the lawyers. Katherine Sapna Director CTS along with team visited Alishbha on Saturday October 07, 2017 at her place and found her feared, stressed and physically sick. She was suffering with high temperature and she did not speak a lot.

It was really painful to see her situation. Poor and helpless parents could not take her to the doctor again because of money. The legal case seemed week due to the police negligence and insolence towards the victim. Police did not arrest 54 years Emmanuel even a rape was approved by doctors and clearly mentioned in the medical report.

Alishbha informed Katherine Sapna that Emmanuel raped her in the midnight on September 09, when her father Javed Masih who is deaf and her siblings sleeping. Her mother died years ago for no medical treatment; when she was seriously sick and Javed Masih could not manage proper medical treatment for her due to poverty.

Alishbha further said that she helps her father Javed Masih in a bricks factory and hardly manage food for the family as she has younger brother and a sister.

The family is under high pressure by the accused to withdraw the case against a little amount of money but Alishbha and Javed not willing to compromise and just demanding justice. Javed Masih asked CTS for legal assistance in this rape case as he has no capacity to hire a lawyer and bear court expenses. He also requested for the safe place to live as the family facing pressure and life threats   by   the   accused.   He   has criminal background and linked with criminals and can do harm the family. Javed Masih is worried about his younger daughter Muskan aged 9, and requested CTS for the safety of the family as he afraid of facing any other unpleasant incident for his younger daughter.

Katherine Sapna promised every kind of support to this distressed family. Mr. Nadeem Hussan Advocate High Court and Mr. Fiyyaz Mehar Advocate will be dealing the case of Alishbha. Mr. Nadeem Hussan has already taken up the case and appeared in the Kasur courts to contest the pre- arrest bail application of Emmanuel the judge was on leave that day therefore the next date is Saturday 21, 2017.

Secondly we have shifted family to Lahore because of danger to their lives and for the safety of the girls where they are not under pressure and not on risk of life so we looking a rented house as soon as possible to move family on urgent bases. CTS has promised for every legal support and ensured safety and protection of the family by providing all  basic needs including medical treatment of Alishbha.