Naina Ilyas abducted and raped by extremists

Naina Bibi d/o Ilyas Masih aged 20 is Christian girl residence of, Railway Station District Lahore. Seven months ago Naina was kidnapped by Muslim Neighbor Sana Bibi wife of Mohammad Shoukat. Sana Bibi along with her family recently shifted in this locality in a rented house and had good fellowship with Naina and her family. Naina’s mother and father do job and her younger brother also works in the day hours, therefore it was often that she lived alone at home.

Sana found a chance and she came to Naina in the absence of other family members, she invited her at her home and offered her some pudding (Kheer). Apparently Sana joined her too and had sweet in a different plate. When Naina finished with sweet, she got fainted. After few hours when she came in to senses she found herself in a dark mysterious room. Her arms and feet were tied with chains and a cloth was on her eyes.

According to Ilyas Masih, on the day of incident his daughter Naina was missing from the house, they both husband and wife started searching for her at neighbors and in surroundings but remained failed to know the whereabouts of their daughter. Later they approached the area police station in order to file a missing complaint of their daughter Naina. He time and again visited the police station for the registration of case FIR (first information report) but the police never cooperate, finally after three days the police registered a case FIR No. 225/16 offence under section 496 PPC against unknown accused persons. During the course of time Ilyas Masih came to know that Mrs. Sana and her husband were involved for abduction of his daughter and, he filed another application and requested to nominate both husband and wife in the case FIR and start investigation against the accused couple.

The CTS staff found Naina disturbed and under fear of life. She was not able to speak a single word and again and again prove expression of grief and remained silent. After some counseling she was ready to describe her agony. Accordingly to her father Ilyas Masih, she surprisingly returned home on 28 November 2016.

Later Naina narrated her sufferings and said, “On 26 June 2016 I was alone at home and busy in household when Mrs. Sana Shoukat a Muslim neighbored visited and found me alone at home. It was about 11: 00 am in the morning. Mrs. Sana wants me to take her  home but I refused, however she insisted me and offered that she has cooked Kheer (a sweet dish traditionally prepares with rice and milk in Pakistan). After eating some Kheer I felt some stress in my head and fainted. After few hours when I come into senses, I myself found in a strange place, where my feet and arms were tied with chain and eyes were covered with a cloth. I asked them for why they brought me here and I was informed by the abductors, that they  have paid Rs.  400,000/- (Four  hundred thousand rupees  which approximately US$3900) for me to Mrs. Sana, her husband Shoukat along with one of their relatives. They have converted me into Islam and forcedly married with an old man of their family. I demanded for my release and shouted on them and an old lady with burnt injuries on her face named Samina, all the times gave harsh beatings and also burnt my face with wood fire stick. I was injected with drug  and feeling  pain on my shoulders and arms.

I was cruelly tortured, harassed and threatened for life. I was also threatened that do not try to escape otherwise they will kill my father and brother. I was worried and was often raped. After four months pregnancy I was taken to a private hospital, where I processed through abortion of twin baby boys. During my detention I never served proper food. The place I was kept was dirty and full of bad smell. On the day of my escape from the clutches of kidnappers, one of their fellows came to me and opened my arms and hands and unexpectedly his cell phone started ringing and he left me and went back to get his cell phone call and since long not came back. I took some courage and escaped from the place of occurrence and reached to my parents.”

Naina’s father Ilyas Masih felt danger to her life and was afraid to keep her at home therefore he approached CTS on Saturday, December 03, 2016 with the reference of a local pastor Nadeem George. Ilyas Masih requested CTS director to provide shelter to his poor daughter as she is not safe with her parents. CTS has taken Naina Bibi in Shelter and committed to provide legal assistance through Mr. Nadeem Anthony and Mr. Nadeem Hassan, advocates High Court and medical care as well.