Prayer Request for Asia Bibi, Blasphemy Victim

Christians’ True Spirit requests your prayers for Asia Bibi blasphemy victim, who is waiting for justice since June 2009 when she was falsely accused of blasphemy by a coworker in a village Ittanwali District Nankana, Punjab. She was convicted to death sentence in November 2010 by the district and Session Court Nankana and since the time she is behind the bars separate from her family including two innocent/minor daughters. Her appeal against conviction was put up in the High Court of Lahore which was dismissed in the year 2014 and the death sentence was remained continue. Now her appeal against death sentence is pending for the final decision of the case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (Islamabad) and date fixed for October 13, 2016.

The case is to be heard by the bench of three judges: Justice Mian Muhammad Saqib Nisar, Justice Muhammad Iqbal Hameed Ur Rehman and Justice Muhammad Manzoor Mali.

Asia case is sensitive and the court strictly avoids the entry for non relevant people during the court hearings of Asia Bibi due to security concerns but Ms. Katherine Sapna Director CTS and Mr. Nadeem Anthony Attorney, supposes to be attending the hearing of Asia Bibi if we get the chance, Mr. Nadeem Anthony works in close association with the Asia Bibi’s lawyer Saif Ul Malook.

CTS optimistically hope for Justice for Asia Bibi on this final hearing because there are many lacunas and self- centered opinions by the complainant party. The case was not heard properly in the lower courts and even the decision of the High Court Lahore was biased.

CTS is grateful to all international friends, organizations and the international governments who been involved in this sensitive case through every support and urged Pakistan government to make sure the possible and life security of Asia Bibi. Once again we call your sympathies, prayers and all moral support in favor to Asia Bibi for this final case hearing on October 13.

In Christ’s service,
CTS Pakistan