Blasphmey Case against Nadeem James

Sadly informed that a blasphemy case has been registered in the police station of Sarai-Alamgir a Town of District Gujrat Punjab, Pakistan about 161 Km from Lahore, against Nadeem James a Christian young man on July 10, 2016.

The man alleged to send blasphemous text messages through Whats’app. Soon after the allegation he fled for safety as the Muslim mob gathered in the locality to punish Nadeem James at the spot. The mob demanded the arrest of accused as soon as possible and pressurized the local police to get register a case FIR under blasphemy laws otherwise they will attack the family of accused and neighbor Christians.

The situation got atrocious and the local Christians especially children became fearful of the situation. Because of the pressure Police arrested Najma Faryad and Samreen Shahbaz (two sisters of Nadeem James) to calm down the mob.

Timely provided support by the Christian NGO,s and politicians, especially Shahzad Munshi present MPA PMLN who used influence and warned the local police about the situation and asked an immediate security force for the innocent Christians as Sarai Alamgir.

Katherine Sapna Director CTS from Lahore and Asher Sarfraz Chief Executive CTS from Germany made phone calls to Mr. Rai Zameer Ul Haq District Police Officer (DPO) Gujrat and The Station House Officer of the local police station concerning the stressed situation of Christians at the spot and urged to depute high security to the location for Christians safety from any forecast harm.

Ms. Katherine Sapna also demanded the release of Najma Feryad and Samreen Shahbaz as they were innocent and nothing to do with the said case. The SHO assured CTS about the wellbeing of the girls, as they get arrested to take to a secure place as they were on the target of the Muslim mob for killing.

DPO was on spot himself and a heavy police was deputed. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) arrived at the spot along with police to provide security to the local Church and church premises to save from the angry mob.

An immediate notice of DPO over the tense situation at Sarai Alamgir and on time provided security has controlled the Muslim mob to attack local Christians as well as the Church within hours the fearful situation was in command of the DPO and DSP at the moment.

CTS highly grateful to the police authorities for taking the on time action for the safety of Christians in Sarai Alamgir, Gujrat and appreciate the services. CTS also grateful to the Christian individuals and especially Christian political for building pressure and asking boldly for the emergency security provide to the Christians.

It is confirmed that the case FIR has been registered against Nadeem James and announced at the Public at Large but the high authorities has banned issuing the copy for the moment and also avoid to disclose the sections which has been added in the registered FIR.

CTS team is in collaboration with other Christian friends concerning the case and in continues contact with the local authorities to monitor the situation of Christians at Sarai Alamgir.

In Christ’s service,

CTS Reporting Department