Condemned Statement

cts-team                        Asher Sarfraz   –  Katherine Sapna   –   Sohail Raza   –  Nadeem Anthony

Christians’ True Spirit (CTS) has strongly condemned the series of deadly terrorist attacks carried out in Brussels and wicked terror attack in Lahore Gulsan-e-Iqbal Park Pakistan on the day of Easter and calls for prayers for the affected.

Mr. Asher Sarfraz Chief Executive, called an urgent meeting at CTS’s international office in Germany and expressed his grave concern over the deliberate targeting, unacceptable and unjust killing in the heart of Europe on March 23, 2016 in the Holy Week of Easter, in which more than 40 innocent people killed and near about 170 injured at Brussels Zaventem International Airport and at Mallbeek Metro Station in Brussels.

Mr. Asher Sarfraz also expressed his grief concerns on the killing of more than 78 innocent people in Lahore and near about 350 injured at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Lahore Pakistan. He condemned the terrorist attack and demanded the President & Prime Minister of Pakistan for stern action against terrorist and their facilitators. The Lahore carnage on the day of Easter is a message of wilderness from the religious banned outfits to the Christian community in Pakistan.

Mr. Asher Sarfraz noted, “Apart from the loss of precious lives and sufferings after these acts of terror and horror in Brussels, Belgium and Lahore, Pakistan disturbed the World Peace and the CTS encouraged prayer for and solidarity with the victims and those close to them. He appeals to all people of good will to unite in the unanimous condemnation against extremists and banned outfits.

No, doubt, this act of violence and indiscriminate cruel attacks on ordinary human beings directly creates wider tensions and difficulties for Europe and Europeans to play constructive role to support those who are seeking asylum to escape from the ongoing distress and pain which is being experienced in several parts of the Middle East.

The members of the CTS shared including Ms. Katherine Sapna (Director CTS), Mr. Sohail Raza (Chairman CTS), and Mr. Nadeem Anthony (Legal Advisor CTS) has same concerns.

Note: Christians’ True Spirit (CTS) is a non-government; nonprofit Christian organization in Pakistan founded in 2010 and registered in the year 2015. CTS conduct its relief and development work with a special focus on disadvantaged children living in poverty. Founded on Christian principles, CTS also engages in public policy advocacy work as a way of combating pervasive social injustice. Collaboration with international partners CTS work in areas like education, advocacy, health and protection / shelter of  young women, children and families.

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