Conversion is problem in Pakistan‏

A convert family Nadia aged 29, Imran James aged 34 along with two minor daughters named Maria aged 07 and Umara aged 04 approached CTS and asked protection as they facing life threats by the extremist groups.

Nadia and Imran both belonged to Christian families, forcedly converted in to Islam in 2006 as they wanted to get married with their own choice. Nadia’s parents wanted to arrange her marriage with their concern with some other man while she was in love with Imran and interested to get married to him. On the day of marriage (arranged by Nadia’s parents) she escaped from the house and went to Imran and asked him for marrying her otherwise she will commit suicide.

Nadia and Imran asked a few pastors to offer their marriage ceremony but they were denied to give blessings to start their marital life as a couple. Meanwhile Imran heard through some sources that Nadia’s parents registered kidnapping and rape case FIR against Imran, his father James Masih and his mother Perveen Bibi. Before that Imran get arrested with police in rape case they wanted to get married as soon as possible. They went to the court to record Nadia’s statement as she was not kidnapped by Imran.

Imran-James1Nadia and Imran were suggested by the lawyer to get married soon under Islamic law, as they needed to be saved from the kidnapping case. Imran informed CTS that his mother Perveen Bibi w/o James Masih was present councilor, and asked her colleague named Nazam Seath Mohammad Ishfaq to help them in this regard. Nazam also suggested that Imran and Nadia should get Islamic marriage so they will be protected from the court as well as from the family of Nadia. So they did marriage in the court before the magistrate under Islamic rites. When they matter came in to the public Nadia and Imran were forced to practice Islam. They were asked to live in Muslim area and fanatics started to note their activities and bound to offer Islamic prayers and to do fasting in Ramadan.

Imran and Nadia do not wanted to live as Muslims therefore they went to the church and requested for the Christian marriage ceremony as they did not feel inner satisfaction. After hard work any several requests church became agree to register their Christian marriage. They became Christians but did not disclose to the Muslim fellows and neighbors. Out of the wedlock Imran and Nadia has two daughters Maria and Umara who were forced to send to Madrassa (Islamic center) to get Islamic education. It was very difficult for these believers to send their daughters to Madrassa. Then Muslims started to monitor their activities, and came to know that the family was Christian. They started to threaten Imran and Nadia for life, they were suggested to mend their ways otherwise they would be killed. Meanwhile Nadia gave birth to a dead child because of depression and fear. This was the time when Imran was asked for the burial of child according to Islamic rites and to bury it in a Muslim graveyard. Imran did not listen them and bury his child among the Christians in the graveyard. Therefore Muslim extremists and especially the people who were evidence in Imran and Nadia’s Muslim marriage stared to harass them and threatened them for life and made their life miserable.

Imran-James2Nadia and Imran tried to escape from the place but remained fail. Once they got chance and they shifted to Islamabad to keep safe their lives and also for their daughters. For six months Imran and Nadia lived happy life, he stared to do small work in the area and earn good money for family but it was not for long time. Because the opponents were chasing them and they decided that, where ever they will find Imran and Nadia they will kill them and started making trouble for his parents. His parents also has have to leave the place and went to Islamabad to Imran and Nadia. The opponents followed Imran’s parents and get him in Islamabad; they attacked him and opened fire on him. Imran got bullet in his right leg and fell down, the attackers passed motor bike through Imran’s injured leg and it got fractured as well. Because of firing local people took gathered at the place and the attackers ran away otherwise they killed him at the spot.

Due to fear and serious threats Imran, Nadia and Imran’s parents moved to some other place due to the danger. In this situation they had have to move to different places for life safety. A few organizations helped this family and provided protection but no one can help for extended period.

Since March 2015 Imran and Nadia live independently in a rented house in Lahore, Imran found some work to do in spite of that he has leg fracture which was not completely healed due to less recourses and finance. It is making him difficult to do hard work but he started to earn for his children. In May 2015 he was again beaten severely by some unknown Muslims who repeated him the Islamabad incident when he was attacked. They asked Imran that if they did not come back to Islam and threatened him for life.

Imran-James3Imran was helpless to go anywhere because of financial position he became worried for his family protection. A coworker Christian, offered (not relative) offered Imran to live with him in his house since 2 months but due to danger, and case situation of Imran he requested him to leave as he do not wanted to put his own children in danger.

Imran informed CTS that presently he lives with another friend’s family for two months but afraid to go out for work, as he can be found again and killed. A week ago on October 05, 2015 Imran received threats by phone calls, as he is in the range of opponents, and they gave him time to practice Islam and if he do not do the same he would be killed. He is afraid to go out and earn, family situation is tough; he has a room to live at friend’s house but no food to eat. Most often this family has to live without food and other basic needs. He is helpless to provide a secure and proper life to his family. His daughters cannot go to school as they are afraid of the situation. Imran do switched off his cell phone as he can be traced by the opponents through phone calls.

On October 10, 2015 Imran and Nadia requested CTS for shelter as they are unable to manage a secure place to live. It is dangerous for them to live as open and work for their livelihood. They are in need of protection at a safe place.

Nadia and Imran asked prayers of Christian brothers and sisters for their life safety as they are helpless this time but hopeful for the full support in Jesus Name.

Christians’ True Spirit (CTS)