Christian family alleged for Blasphemy in Gujrat city

Yesterday on August 15, a day after independence day a Christian family alleged for blasphemy in Gujrat city. The family was preparing for the big memorial service of their old man Fazal Masih who died some time ago. The family also asked a painter to write a big name plate of their beloved to display at the time of his memorial. To day CTS team for information that the painter made mistake in writing name. He wrote Fazal Rasul instead he wrote Fazal Masih. The local Muslims saw name plate at the painter’s shop and become furious. They alleged the family for blasphemy. The family members asked people that it is mistake of painter but no one was ready to listen them. The contact informed CTS that an atrocious situation has been created at the spot. Police has arrested more that 3 Christian family members and raiding Christians to arrest more. Local Christians are afraid of any mishap in the Christian town. They look forward to help on the spot as they are threatened for life by burning them inside their houses.

CTS appeal to all Christian NGO’s and support groups to reach the place immediately and help the oppressed and persecuted Christians in Gujarat city.

In solidarity,

Christians’ True Spirit