Once again Blasphemy brought a fear of death to Christians in Pakistan

On Wednesday July 01, 2015 CTS was informed about an incident of blasphemy occurred in a small village chak 480 Matiky, Farooqabad District Sheikhupura. The sources informed that a local Christian Awaise Qamar s/o Saraj Masih was alleged by his neighbors for using a flex-sheet/ banner in his room as a mat on the floor. His neighbors informed the local Imam Masjid /Mosque (Mulla or prayer leader) and accused Awaise for blasphemy. The Mulla made announcement in the Laud Speaker of the Mosque and called upon the Muslims to gather and kill Awaise and his family. The Mob of 200-300 took gathered in the village, they started shouting and chanting slogans against the accused family and the other local Christians. The angry mob beat severely Awaise Family including his wife Rukhsana and his sister in-law Farhana. The mob cut their hairs and cleaned their heads with sharp blades and painted their faces with black ink and paraded them around the village.
The family is escaped and safe with an organization. Mostly Christian families are escaped for safety.
Mr. Asher Sarfraz Chief Executive and Ms. Katherine Sapna Director CTS are in contact with the local sources to get the real facts about the incident and hopefully we will update you with correct information soon.
Meanwhile we trust your prayers for the safety of Pakistani Christians
In solidarity,
CTS Team