A Young Christian Nauman Masih attacked by Muslim extremists in Lahore

Untitled1On April 10, 2015, at about 7:30 pm Christians True Spirit (CTS) was informed through sources that a young Christian youth named Nauman Masih aged 13, was severely beaten and burnt by unknown while going to the Market. Nauman was 55% burnt when he was taken to the Meo Hospital by his tailor master (his teacher). A fact finding team comprised on Ms. Nomee Coordinator CTS, Mr. Suneel Karamat Field officer and Ms. Katherine Sapna along with PCNP and CLAAS team members rushed to the Meo Hospital Lahore to collect the reall facts of the case and to see the condition of Nauman Masih (a young Christian).

Untitled2The team reached at the Meo Hospital and met with the concerned doctor. Dr. Shoaib an expert one who dealing the case of Nauman Masih in emergency Unit. Doctor informed the Team that Nauman was 55 % burn and it was difficult to survive because his chest was severely injured. CTS Team met Nauman in the ICU/emergency unit.

Team met with the helpless family members who were alone in the hospital, and no one there to support them morally. Asharaf Masih one of the parental uncles informed that Nauman s/o Rafaqat Masih lived his at Gulshan Ravi, 60feet Road Shera Kot Lahore as his father Rafaqat Masih died about three years ago due to disease, he was on Kidney dialysis (a life-support). Meanwhile Nauman’s young mother Shazia Bibi gets married to a Muslim rich man. As she do not wanted to live with a sick man and not to care him. Later Rafaqat Masih died. Nauman left alone either he has an elder sister (step sister) named Saba Rafaqat, and she was married.



Nadeem Masih and Ashraf Masih alias Ashiq (uncles) informed CTS that they are three brothers and they love Nauman as their own children. They said Nauman was not school going. To make him in-depended in future they sent him to Munir Masih a tailor Master in locality to learn tailoring skills. Munir Masih was happy with an intelligent pupil and used to give him little responsibilities as sending him to the market to do small things, like over locks of the stitched cloths and also to buy some material for stitching.

UntitledOn April 10, 2015 between 12: 30 to 1:00 PM Nauman Masih went to the market for over lock the cloths. It was Friday and Muslims were going to the mosques. On the way to the market two unknown motorbike riders stopped him and inquired about his religion, when he said that he is a Christian, they started beating him severely and later threw petrol on him and set him on fire. Nauman’s whole body burnt and he was unconscious. The attackers escaped when they saw Nauman burning. The people in the market rescued him and informed his master Munir Masih and his Uncle Nadeem Masih about the incident, Munir rushed to the place and took Nauman to the Meo Hospital Lahore at about 2:00pm.

Untitled9The local police immediately get involved and the Superintendent of Police (SP) personally visited Nauman Masih in the hospital. Nauman Masih was in senses that time and he recorded his statement and did the formal investigation of the case. He informed the SP that two unknown motorbike riders inquired him about his belief/religion, he was beaten severely because he is Christian, later those cruel men threw petrol on Nauman Masih and burn him in the market to show they hate and cruelty for Christians in Pakistan.

Christian NGO’s including, CLAAS, PCNP, Christian TV Channels,



Religious leaders including Arch Bishop Sebastian Shaw, Fr. Samson Delawar etc and political members gathered in solidarity with the victim’s family and for the moral and all kind of support.

Through support of CLAAS and CTS team the first information report No: 308/15 has been registered under sections 324/34 PPC against the unknown upon the complaint of Nadeem Masih (parental uncle of Nauman Masih). Mohammad Hussian the Station House Officer (SHO) and Safdar Ali Incharge Investigation Officer (I O) Police Station Gulshan Ravi Lahore, were very cooperative. They assured the team that police will do a fair investigation as an innocent and young boy was burnt. It does not matter what belief he has. IO asked Mr. Francis that police would like to ask guidance and help from him as CLAAS has expertise in dealing these kinds of cases and providing relief to the victims of intolerance. SHO and Investigation officer also informed the team that soon after the incident grandfather (maternal) approached the local police station and filed a complaint against parental uncles of Nauman Masih that they burn Nauman to kill him as they not willing to give him share in his father’s property.

Police also informed the team that they would have to investigate Nauman’s parental and maternal relatives. Police will also call inquiry of Munir Masih (tailor Master) which is an important process. The team assured the victim’s family for all kind of morally, financial and Untitled12free Legal help in this case. The family was satisfied and thankful to the team for helping them in all means and to be remained in prayers and solidarity. Dear brothers and sister in Christ,
There is a treat to all Christians for life especially in Lahore by radical Islamists outfits after the incident of Youhanabad Churches on March 15, 2015 a month ago. As the angry Christian mob killed two terrorists who were firing on the church to help their companion suicide bombers who wanted to enter the church and kill maximum worshipers. Since the incident Christian youth in Youhanabad get arrested by CIA police and tortured.

The Punjab government declared those suspected terrorists innocent and ordered to get arrest Christian boys in Youhanabad and neighbor areas Asif Town, Hamza Town and Nishtar Colony and to punish them.

Till the date about 70 innocent Christian has been sent to the judicial lock up. And more than 200 Christian young boys still in CIA police custody. The mostly family members in the families are arrested. Local shopkeepers did the social boycott and denied to supply food and other basic needs, several are denied for work in the factories near Youhanabad as they are Christians.

Police with the consult of Chief Minister Punjab has nominated more 100 people on April 8, 2015 to get them arrested and investigated for the murder of two Muslims and burn them at the occurrence place. The list has been given to the pastors and the church leaders for the possible arrest of those listed. The other side individual Christians are attacked and killed by the Muslims, like Nauman Masih a young Christian as they taking grudge for the killing to Muslims during Youhanabad Incident.

CTS team visiting those arrested Christians in the judicial lock up (prison) and providing them basic needs/supplies including towel, toothpaste, bath soap, hair oil, tooth brush and some eatable things including bread, Jam, butter, cookies, cake, milk and tea bags. Situation of Christians becoming worst in Pakistan, individual Christians are attacked like Nauman Masih and secretly and killed. Christians in Punjab and other provinces are disheartened because of the radical, cruel, Intolerance and injustice attitude of Chief Minister Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif.
The team observed that on April 10, 2015 in the evening at about 6:00 pm there was news on electronic media that Nauman Masih was burnt because of his Christian faith. But later the same T V Channel said that the boy committed suicide as he was denied to give property share.
It means that media hiding the real facts and the government do not want to highlight the minority issues. Nauman’s family request prayers of all national and international church for complete healing and life, being 55% burnt, Nauman is in critical situation.

In Prayers,
CTS Pakistan