A Christian couple facing life threats for filling kidnapping complain of their underage daughter

It is sad to discuss that children are being kidnapped with increasing that whenever a child or girl is kidnapped with increasing frequency sent a chill down us spine. We can realize that whenever a child or girl is kidnapped anywhere sky falls on parents.

I think the number of unreported cases will be higher as victims’ families usually avoid taking police help, and girls are the most vulnerable in our society and have been used for everything. The same story belongs to a couple who work at the brick kiln factory.

Suriya bibi wife of Salem Mash about 45 years has two daughters; Sonia  aged  15  and  Saniya  aged 13 Sonia was middle school passed, and Saniya used to work as a domestic worker in the locality. On the evening of August 24, 2018 at 6 in the evening Sonia and her younger sister were playing. While playing Sonia got injured and went to the doctor at nearby clinic along with her cousin brother. On the way to the doctor Sonia was kidnapped by an unknown man Mohr Ashraf. The young boy (cousin brother) returned home but Sonia didn’t. Her cousin informed Sonia’s parents that an unknown man has forcefully took her with him. The parents started searching her out and inquired at their relatives, neighbors and friends.

They kept on waiting but Sonia didn’t returned. They tried to find Sonia out for two three days but they found neither Sonia nor any single clue about her.

On September 2, 2018 a few local people named Kale Mash and Hakim Mash informed Sonia’s parents that they saw Sonia along with Mohammad Aram, Mohammad Ashraf and Tapir Ahmed. These three men were known to Sonia and her family and used to visits her house frequently. As soon as Sonia’s parents came to know about three of them they tried to contact them but get any positive response. They struggled hard to get registered a case FIR against the culprits in the local police station but all in vain, police sis not take the matter seriously. After repeated visits and requests at the police station police arrested the culprits but they pressurized the family for compromise and withdraw the kidnapping case against Muslim culprits. The poor parents asked police to bring their girl back as they wanted to see her. The months passed but the parents could not see their daughter even single time.

On February 28, 2019 Suriya Bibi and Saleem Mash (parents) approached CTS for legal assistance in the kidnapping case of their  daughter. They also informed about the continue pressure by the Bricks factory owner, police as well as the culprits to withdraw the case. While weeping Suriya Bibi asked CTS shelter to live safe along with younger daughter Saniya aged 13 and her husband Saleem Mash. CTS assured the family full support and assistance in this case.

Suriya Bibi told CTS that they do not know how and where their daughter is. There is no clue even there are not any single paper to show her Muslim marriage or conversion. This poor couple just pray for the safety of their daughter as they do not know even she is alive. They are in the fear of killing of their daughter; they miss her and cannot sleep in the night. Therefore CTS requests prayers for this couple and their peace of mind that they can sleep in the nights. Pray for the safe recovery of their daughter through CTS legal support, life safety and justice.