Sonia Rachael d/o Sarwar Peter aged 33

Sonia Rachael d/o Sarwar Peter aged 33, is a Christian young girl, resident of Asif Town, Youhanabad, Ferozpur Road Lahore. She is the elder sister among three brothers named Aftab 31-year-old, Ishfaq 28-year-old and Shehbaz 24-year-old. Her father is a tailor master and mother does households. Being an eldest child she felt responsibility to help her parents by working and providing financial support for this aim she did training in DHMS medical course and started a job at Shoukat Khanum hospital as health care – ICU assistance in year 2013 and was getting handsome amount of salary. She also got facility of pick & drop by the hospital to come to the job, after a few days she noticed that the van driver Javed Masih was started taking interest in to Sonia. He dropped Sonia at the end after he dropped all other staff. This is how Nadeem got the chance to do nastiness with her, Sonia complaint to the hospital administration but they didn’t take any serious action against of him. Nadeem was the same with his cheap talks and acts which compelled to Sonia to complaint about to the MS of the hospital but no one cared about. Often Sonia tried to make him realize that he has to be in manners and should adopt decent way of living. Once When Nadeem came to Sonia’s house to pick her, he was alone in the van. Sonia became suspicious and inquired him about other colleagues. He told that, he wanted her alone to drop and wished to take her to one of his sisters’ home. She was astonished and asked him to move the bus towards Hospital but he didn’t and threatened her instead. Forcibly, he took her to one of his female friend’s house where there was already a young man to whom he introduced her. The lady offered her a drink, and after having the drinks she was not in her senses. Nadeem grabbed the opportunity and raped her in his friend’s house. Later he started to blackmail Sonia and threatened her to advertise her nude picture in the newspaper or publish on the Social Media. Later, forcibly he took her to the Courts and had Nikkah (court marriage) dated on 14th April, 2017. After all that, he dropped her back to her home (parents place). Next Morning, when Nadeem came alone to pick up Sonia, she refused to go along with him. She was afraid and she wanted to inform her family about all happening, but again he threatened her for the well being of her family and publishes her on the social media. Few months passed, and Sonia got pregnant. She was worried and informed Nadeem about her pregnancy Nadeem took her to the hospital and forced her for abortion as he wanted to keep secret this relationship with Sonia.

In December, 2017 Sonia’s parents wanted to arrange her wedding to her cousin. Sonia became very sacred and upset finally she got courage and shared the matter with her sister in – law and about her court marriage with Nadeem. Her family got annoyed at her and asked her to stop going to hospital for job, they also asked her to file a police case against Nadeem. Sonia’s Aunt and uncle (Paternal) went to Nadeem and asked him about proper social rituals with Sonia. Finally, mutually the wedding (her departure from her parents’ house) date decided for 14th April, 2018. After the wedding, Nadeem didn’t take Sonia to his family house but he took a separate rented house where he used Sonia like a sex machine. He committed illegal unnatural sex with Sonia every day and tortured her severely when she resisted. He also banned Sonia to visit her parents and siblings and also no one could come to visit her too. Nadeem daily commit unnatural sex with Sonia and lock her in the house for hours and hours alone and didn’t provide proper food and medicine during her illness. Meanwhile Sonia got pregnant and she was forced for abortion again. Sonia was very upset and wondered that why Nadeem was so cruel to her. Eventually, Sonia came to know about Nadeem’s first wife and three kids (two daughters Shalwa – 8 Yrs, Alina -2 Yrs and a son Rosho – 5 Yrs). When Sonia inquired Nadeem about his wife, he started to beat her and said that he married Sonia just for the sake of her Job and salary. Nadeem used to take medicines to rape Sonia for hours and hours which made her sick and weak and Sonia suffered with miscarriage for twice. Sonia becomes so weak and sick that she couldn’t bear inhuman attitude and torture of Nadeem and finally decided to escape.

On November 12, 2018 at 10:30PM night hardly she managed to escape and got an auto rickshaw to her aunt’s house. Her uncle immediately approached CTS office at mid night the same day and requested to provide her shelter as well as asked for legal assistance for Sonia. CTS provided Sonia safe accommodation and immediately she was taken to the police station for the legal remedies. CTS also provided Sonia with health care facilities and psycho-social support. CTS legal team has filed criminal case against Nadeem for making fraud, for committing unnatural sex and for forcible abortions of Sonia. She has also filed a petition for the dissolution of marriage. Sonia does not feel safe to go to her parents place until Nadeem is not arrested and also till the divorce case is pending in the court. She is also under medical treatment and recovering slowly. CTS has allowed her to stay at CTS shelter as long as she is not stable completely.