Meeting with Martin Teunissen at ICCO Kerk-in-Actie in Utrecht Netherlands

Meeting with Martin Teunissen at ICCO Kerk-in-Actie in Utrecht Netherlands. On November 26, 2018 was a very good, a very comprehensive and fantastic meeting with Martin Teunissen at the office of ICCO in Utrecht, Netherlands. For one hour and half we could share a lot about the miseries of the bounded labors in the brick factories and education of this special segment was the main focus. We shared and discussed about the persecution of the bounded labors and sexual harassment of the girls by the brick factory owners. CTS shared with Martin about the brick kiln schools for the education of disadvantaged children as the education is the only tool for the change in their lives and future. CTS showed concern about the enrollment of Christian children in the Mission schools which is very hard, a few Christian children in the church schools among the majority of Muslims. CTS observed the same at St. Peter High School Waris Road Lahore which is more or less funded by the ICCO/kerkinactie NL. CTS requested Martin if he can support CTS to enroll 10 children from our bricks factory school to St. Peter School in this educational year 2019. Martin was keen interested and he assured the full support of ICCO for the admissions of disadvantaged children.

CTS is thankful and appreciate the great concerns of Martin in this regard. He appointed his Pakistan colleague Mr. Sebastian Justin to visit the Bishop of Raiwind Diocese and do the needful. After the visit of Sebastian Justin at CTS and later his meeting with the Bishop of Raiwind Diocese it is possible that CTS can get enrollment of 10 disadvantaged children at St. Peter High School Lahore. Mr. Martin is interested to assist and facilitate CTS Exhibition in the Netherlands in 2019.