Teenager, Nadia Tanveer, raped and tortured

Nadia d/o Tanveer Masih aged 14 resident of Chack 87 Awan Abad; Sargodha was raped by a Muslim Ashraf cast Khokher on September 22, 2018 at noon 12:00 pm when she went out of her house for some work. When Nadia was missing her mother Shamshad Bibi started to find her out in the surroundings and neighbors. When she went to the Haveli (house) of Ashraf Khokher she heard the cries of her daughter and asked Ashraf to release her daughter. Nadia was crying and could not stop herself telling to mother about the incident happened to her. At the spot she told her mother that Ashraf Khokher raped her and threatened to stay quite otherwise he will kill her and all family members including her parents.

Shamshad bibi hold hand of her daughter and wanted to take her to home meanwhile Ashraf Khokher attacked Nadia with a piece of brick and hit her at head which caused a deep head injury and bleeding. Ashraf Khokher raped Nadia and attacked her physically and escaped from the scene. On the complaint of Shamshad Bibi and Tanveer Masih (parents of Nadia) the Police at the local police station have registered a case FIR no. 402/18 offence under section 376 PPC.

Police also took Nadia to the Hospital for Medical Examine to prove her rape and for the treatment of severe head injury. She got 6 stitches in her head injury and taking medications. Nadia and her parents are afraid of Ashraf Khokher aggressor of Nadia who can harm this poor family for filing a legal case in the police station against him.

Poor parents approached CTS through Tahir Naveed Chaudry former MPA for help and legal assistance. They also requested for protection and safe accommodation while they do not want any compromise in this case and willing to stand up for fight and get justice.

Ashraf Khokher has got pre arrest bail by the session’s court Sargodha, and the date for the confirmation of the bail is 2nd of October 2018. CTS Lawyer Nadeem Hussan will contest the bail and deal with this case. The family needs to be relocated and provide protection to live safe and to fight for justice.