Christmas Gifts Distribution

Date: Dec 21, 2014

Christmas gifts distribution

Christians’ True Spirit distributed food items among 60 disadvantaged Christian families including bonded labors over the brick kilns and a few widows on Dec 21, 2014 as Christmas blessings.

CTS team organized food distribution program in a local school Yeshwa Cadet Foundation at Verpal Chattah district Gujranwala, where CTS already helping Christian children by paying their school fee. Master Sarfarz Karamat Principle of the school helped CTS to lead the program. Babu Naveed, a local pastor opened program with the word of God and he shared Christmas message with the people. They were grateful to the team of CTS for such initiative to share blessings among disadvantaged Christians.

As Babu Naveed and Master Sarfraz are familiar with the area and they know the position of Christians. So they helped CTS to call very deserving and disadvantaged people from the nearby brick kilns and villages. There were a few flood affected families from village Buraj district Gujranwala. Who faced a great loss during the flood in September and October 2014.

The people were very much grateful while they received food items. CTS aim was to help the vulnerable Christians to celebrate Christmas happily among their children especially bounded labors who work over brick kilns and it was the time when CTS team experienced brightness and thankfulness in the eyes of poor Christians and saw a pure smile on the faces of little children.

Christians on the brick kilns are poor, enslaved and vulnerable and have not sources to celebrate Christmas even they are deprive to celebrate very small things among their children like birthdays etc.

CTS shared Christmas blessings with families and distributed Christmas gifts among children from the Brick Kiln and villages Hazrat Kare wala, Madrassa Chattah, Ali Pur Chattah, Kot Rehar, Karamabad and Qadir Abad Colony and Kalare Uncha District Gujranwala.

CTS aim was to help the vulnerable Christians to celebrate Christmas happily among their children especially bounded labors who work over brick kilns.

Picture overview of the distribution



Cake cutting among children

CTS celebrated Christmas among families and children on brick kiln by cutting Christmas cake. The children were very happy while they cutting the cake. CTS team, Babu Naveed and Master Sarfarz Karamat Joined the children for cake cutting.



After cutting children/people enjoyed cake and other bakery items with tea.


Distribution of gifts among children

CTS distributed gifts among poor children and for those children who could not come because of the cold and cloudy weather, their parents received the gifts.

A few families received cash gifts by CTS

There were a few very deserving and needy people from the brick kiln who requested CTS for financial support as well. Therefore CTS provided help of 2000 rupees each to 10 families. Below are few pictures

Christmas party of children

CTS Sunday school Children in Saman Abad Lahore had a Christmas party on Dec 22, 2014. They had Carl singing, cake cutting and had fun a lot although there was no electricity As in Pakistan we are facing a heavy load shedding of light but the children were very happy and energetic, the children’s party was followed by dinner.


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Christians’ True Spirit (CTS)

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