A Christian girl abducted and raped by Muslims

Anila Imran was abducted and raped by Muslims on 31 December 2016; she was referred to CTS sanctuary house as they were on severe life threat by the local extremists. 
Background of the incident:
Anila Imran aged 25, lived at Walton Road Lahore along with her husband Imran Babbu aged 39, her son Yeshua Imran aged 2 1/2 years and her parental family. They lived in an area mostly populated with Muslims. Anila and her family lived happily but the problem started when a Muslim man named Ali Shah aged 26 started following Aqsa on her way for conversion and forced marriage. Imran Babbu Anila’s husband filed a complaint against Ali Shah in the Factory Area Police Station.  But the police did not take a notice of this complaint and Ali Shah does not stop his attitude towards Aqsa. Imran Babbu tried to stop Ali Shah but he did not mend his way and there was a fight.
Ali Shah becomes aggressive, on 31/12/2016 at 10:30 pm he kidnapped Anila Imran with the help of some friends and raped her after one another. On 01/01/2017 Imran Babbu filed a complaint against Ali Shah at Liaqat Abad police station DilkuShah colony kotlakhpat Lahore for abduction and rape of Anila Imran. She was taken to the General Hospital for the medical-examine by the Lady Doctor. The reports were clear and showed that a rape was committed with Anila Imran.
Imran Babbu visited police station for several times but police did not take a legal action against Ali Shah and did not arrest him in the criminal allegation even after the medical report was clear. Imran Babbu approached different people, locally influenced for help but no one cares.
Meanwhile, Ali Shah started threatened Imran Babbu and Anila Imran to kill their family. He openly threatened the well being of this poor family while the life was on risk and they were forced to withdraw the legal case. Anila Imran and Imran Babbu got afraid of life and with their son, Yeshua Imran left to Multan on the same date 06/01/2017 for safety they were in contact with Fr. Peter John a Catholic priest and asked him for help and went to Karachi on 28/01/2017. Fr. Peter John accommodated this family and supported to live hidden. He approached CTS for the shelter and support to this aggrieved family.