Younas Shahzad

Younas Shahzad s/o Murad Masih was a resident of village Bun – Bajwa, Tehseel Pasroor and District Sialkot. He had been working in Saudi Arabia since last 14 years in different cities of the realm.

In August 2016, he went to another city Aljabeel in Saudi Arabia for job and found a Urdu Pakistani Church, he started to go to the church for prayers on regularly. In this locality he met some other Pakistanis and had good fellowship. When Younas go to church they requested him to bring them to the church along with him in routine.

Later! One of the colleagues made a complaint to the supervisor that Younas is bringing Muslims to the Church as he wants to convert them to Christianity. After this false complaint Younas become uncomfortable with his supervisor and he faced hard time during his duty hours.

After few days of the squeezed situation, one of the good friends spoke to Younas Shahzad and told him that his supervisor and a few Muslim boys were planting things against him and he suggested Younas to leave the job and move to another place for safety.

Shahzad felt risk to life and immediately fled for safety and moved to Dubai on December 22, 2016 and started to find another job for his survival but it was hard to find a job even after too much struggle and references. Finally he would have to go back to Saudi Arabia dated on December 27, 2016.

The very next day on 28 Dec, 2016 Younas went to his old job he found a very strange attitude of his supervisor. For two hours talking the supervisor and other Muslim boys came to Younas and asked to accompany them to another place for work.  Younas went along them in a car and bring him to a form house belongs to their Boss. The two Muslim boys tied Younas with rope with the seat/chair and beat him severely and made him a fun. They tortured him and inquired why he was converting Muslims to Christianity. Younas was threatened for severe consequences and asked to recite the Quranic verses to be a Muslim and was kept at an animals’ resting place for 3 days.

On Dec 31, 2016, the supervisor came himself and asked Younas that he would have to embrace Islam if he wants to save his life.  Younas was beaten up again and again and threatened for life and force to embrace Islam otherwise they will lodge a false police case of drugs and he will be hanged up by law. In this critical situation Younas was so scared and helpless and then the Muslims bring him to Dawa – e – Center by car for the registration of his Islamic religion and they forced him to sign an affidavit of Islam and that he must come to Islamic teachings once a week.

Younas was scared and under the sword and he signed the affidavit. By the same evening, they dropped him in his room and threatened him do not to share about this to anyone. This incident left him less confident and scared. He could not go to the church but to go to Islamic center regularly. Three weeks later Shahzad got a chance to have meeting with a local Pastor, he told him the entire situation which lead pastor in shock too. It was a serious and sensitive matter of life risking of Younas Shahzad. Pastor asked Younas to flee for safety. Pastor also promised to support him to escape from the place because he was not secure anymore.

February 18, 2017 Younas Shahzad provided all his documents to Pastor to make his passport and the same was ready with the French Visa on March 06, 2017. The Pastor suggested Younas Shahzad to leave Saudi Arabia immediately for the sake of his life.

Younas Shahzad was worried about his family wife and children in Pakistan he came back to Pakistan on March 16, 2017.

On March 21, 2017 at 07:30 in the morning he was going to drop his kids for school when some strangers on bikes armed with deadly weapons stopped him on the way and inquired why he escaped from Saudi Arabia but you have to practice Islam either you are in Saudi Arabia or in Pakistan. The strangers threatened him by saying that if he will not accept Islam along with his wife and children they will kill the whole family.

Younas and his children were scared and they didn’t go for school they returned home. Younas shared the incident with his wife and other family and they all were upset. After few days Younas could understand that one of his colleagues Mohammad Naseer s/o Mohammad Sadique was following him through the locals and creating problems for him.

On March 24, 2017 at 03:30 afternoon, some Muslims including Mulana Aman Ullah s/o Abbas Ali, and Moulvi Shahid Ali s/o Arshad Ali and other Muslims from the village of his colleagues in Saudi Arabia came to Younas and repeated the things he faced in Saudi Arabia. They said that he has embraced Islam and now there is no other choice to return back to the Christianity and his all family has to embrace Islam. They forcibly handed over to him some Quranic or Islamic books to read and practice Islam. Once Younas refused to keep Quran and other books, they showed aggression and threatened him for the life of his family.

Younas made an urgent phone call to the local pastor Aqeel Javaid and requested him to visit his house to share the entire situation. Pastor Aqeel and his other friends suggested him to leave Pakistan to save the life of his family. Pastor Aqeel was running a ministry with the name “Christ for Pakistan Ministry”.

March 27, 2017 Moulana Aman Ullah and Moulvi Shahid Ali along with some other Muslims attacked Younas’ house in the late evening, fortunately, Younas already left his house along with his wife and when the attackers found no one at home they become furious and set his house in fire.  Younas and his family came to Lahore March 29, 2017 and later moved to Karachi for safety. After few days, one of his friends from his home town village made a phone call and told him do not to come back to village because some of Muslim villagers had lodged an FIR of case 295 –C (Blasphemy) on March 27, 2017.

Younas Shahzad made phone call to Pastor in Saudi Arabia and requested him to manage his escape to Europe. Pastor Polium Joel sent him a ticket for travel to Amsterdam, Holland April 06, 2017 and he saved his life. His family lives hide as they are on the life risk as well.