Amjad Masih a victim of faith

Amjad Masih s/o Shangra Masih resident of district Sialkot, Punjab; belongs to a Christian family and has membership with a local Presbyterian Church in the town of a small village Badyana. He worked among 20 workers in a Badge / broche workshop/factory a Muslim owner named Qarar Hussain Shah.

Factory workers dislike him because he was in the good book of the owner, they jealous of him and kept discriminatory attitude towards Amjad. The factory was working an order of badges with writing on an Islamic religious verdict (Kalma). One day badge fell down from hands of Amjad while cleaning it with petrol; Mohammad Hamid (a colleague) noticed it and shouted as saying that he committed blasphemy. He showed aggression and called upon other works too, they all started him severely. The factory owner controlled the matter between the workers and saved Amjad from aggression.

Hamid Butt threatened Amjad for severe consequences as he blamed him for committing blasphemy and warned him that he will not let him escape. The factory owner asked Amjad to leave immediately and helped him to escape. On the way to home factory owner suggested Amjad by phone call to be careful because Hamid Butt and another Mohammad Mushtaq wanted to lodge a blasphemy case and also the incident was broadcasted in the local mosque.

Amjad Masih become helpless and fled for safety after his friend Riaz Khokher informed about repeated announcements in the loud speakers regarding blasphemy and gathering of people to kill him. He was also informed about his house attack, looting and destroying by Mullas’. Amjad Masih consulted a lawyer for his defense and safety, the Adv. Mujasim Khijar Anwar Khan collected necessary information at local Police Station Badyana, Sialkot and informed Amjad Masih about the registration of a blasphemy case under section 295 / C by Molana Mohd Younis (a local cleric). Blasphemy case means sward on someone’s neck. Amjad Masih shared the matter with a local Pastor but no solution found.

On Sep 10, 2015 Amjad Masih fled to Masco but after even leaving the country, his family faced open life threats by the Muslims, because of the mental disturbance his father died and unfortunately Amjad could not come back and attend funeral of his beloved father. On January 05, 2016, he moved to France, and filed his asylum application for the refugee status on humanitarian grounds.